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2000 Army Trail, Hanover Park, IL 60133
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For ALL!


  • Sensory Friendly
  • Dual-Functionality
  • Right Size Play Equipment
  • Entertaining
  • Engaging

Our Equipment

Socks are optional in the playhouse.
A parent or guardian must supervise and remain with their child while on the premises.  

Action Room

Play system with built-in climbing wall, cargo rope wall, ring monkey bars, traditional monkey bars, slide, ball pit, and several swing options. Designed for fun and to improve body coordination, enhancing body awareness & motor planning.

Climbing Rope Wall

The Rope Wall promotes flexibility, endurance and spatial awareness with an indoor climbing net, designed for kids with weak muscles, coordination or sensory integration changes. Kids will benefit from vestibular therapy, muscle strengthening and motor planning. Helps build self-confidence as children can challenge themselves at their own pace.

Climbing Wall

The Climbing Wall encourages problem solving, gross motor skill development and improved motor coordination. The wall provides proprioceptive input to help improve sensory integration, perfect for coordination and developmental challenges — and for kids who just like to climb like Koala!

Air Lite Junior Bolster

Strengthen your core and build motor skills! Our Air-Lite Junior Bolster Swing challenges balance reactions and offers proper head and body alignment as children change positions to sit, straddle, swing side-to-side or front-to-back, helping to soothe, stimulate and strengthen. Great for coordination, mood & attention, and sensory seeking.

Web Tower Swing

Everyone climb aboard! Perfect for solo sensory integration therapy or swinging with friend, our Web Tower Swing allows kids to work their bodies and their imaginations as they climb and swing every which way. Encourages motor planning, balance reactions, vestibular orientation, sensory processing and socialization.


Cocoon Climbing Swing

Sometimes kids need a quiet, cozy place to escape but, sometimes they need to cuddle, sit, climb and swing like koalas! Our Cocoon Climbing Swing Encourages motor planning, balance reactions, core stability, hand strengthening and sensory integration, and supports kids with low muscle tone, autism, sensory processing disorder and hyperactivity.

Ball Pit

A multi-sensory environment that’s great for socialization and engages kids of all ages.  Kids can jump in for buoyant support, deep-pressure sensation and proprioceptive feedback. The balls are just the right size for small hands to grasp and lightweight enough to toss, roll and juggle safely.

Textured Platform Swing™ and Swivel

Exercise your body and stretch your imagination! Fly on a magic carpet, ride the waves, or just sit and swing away. Encourages vestibular orientation and balance training. Large, sturdy base offers feeling of security and support, helping to build confidence.

Log Swing

Swing with stability! This bolster-style swing is great for strengthening balance reactions core muscles and working on motor planning, assisting with sensory integration and vestibular input.


Release pent-up energy while building muscle strength and coordination! Jumping encourages gross motor skill development, coordination and balance, and transitioning while also providing vestibular stimulation.

Zip Line

Kids laugh and squeal in delight as they glide along the zipline. Zip lines assist in building upper body strength, muscle endurance, self-confidence, and encouraging the ability to integrate and tolerate movement.

That’s not all…Don’t forget

  • Arts and Crafts Table
  • Sensory Bins
  • Built-in Tunnel…and more!

Time to Play!

Are you ready for fun and adventure in a peaceful and therapeutic environment?  Color Wheel Playhouse offers Drop-In Open Play hours, Punch Cards & Family Memberships. Are you ready to get a discount with one of our Membership packages today? Join the Playhouse!


I know, you’re saying to yourself “what else possibly could the Color Wheel Playhouse come up with to add in more fun”.  Well, we’ve got the answer right here.  We offer several other opportunities for kids to take a whirl on the Color Wheel of fun.

Color Wheel Playhouse Activities

Arts & Crafts 

Each child can explore and create one of a kind masterpieces of their own.


Children will gather round and let their hearts smile and minds soar as we take trips to magical lands, meet exciting new characters, and explore the world of imagination through books meant to teach and delight.

Themed Scavenger Hunts

All Hunters will be given clues to discovery. Hunters will work together, making new friends along the way lead by their engaging Lead Hunter Playologist to find each clue. Children will use 1 and 2 step instructions to follow from one clue to another.  Through amusing and exciting clues, kids will follow the trail to new adventures and exciting discoveries.

You Pick How You Would Like to Play!

Memberships & Pricing

Open Play
First Child $10.00
Additional Children $9.00 each
Punch Cards

5 Visits

$45.00 per child
10 visits $80.00 per child
Monthly Family Memberships
Membership (3 child maximum – open play) $175
Additional Children $60 per child

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Color Wheel Playhouse Membership Pricing

Join Color Wheel!

Are you ready to get a discount with one of our Membership packages today?